Leveraging the
Therapeutic Potential
of the Human Microbiome

Thaena is an educational wellness company committed to leveraging the therapeutic potential of the human microbiome with a core mission to reduce human suffering.

Introducing ThaenaBiotic®

We Create

At Thaena, we are committed to leveraging the therapeutic potential of the human microbiome to create novel ecosystem-based therapies. Our flagship dietary supplement, ThaenaBiotic®,  uses the human body itself as the ultimate fermenter. It is a whole-biome multibiotic product that contains prebiotics, thousands of heat-killed probiotics, and hundreds of distinct postbiotics. It supports an unparalleled amount of the microscopic ecosystem and has the potential to shift the paradigm of traditional medicine. Our core mission at Thaena is to reduce human suffering. Therefore, we feel compelled to apply new knowledge to old systems and in doing so develop safer, more effective, and more accessible microbial therapies. ThaenaBiotic is only the beginning and what a beginning it is.

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We Educate

At Thaena, we strive to provide accessible and understandable education on the microbiome and how it affects our entire body. With a combined experience of over a decade in the functional microbiome space, Thaena's co-founders Piper Dobner and Andrea McBeth are paving a path that they want others to follow, share and contribute to. We believe education to be empowering and with all the new discoveries being made and information flooding in, we took it upon ourselves as thought leaders in this field to keep our community up to date on the ever changing importance of microbial health.

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We Research

At Thaena, we are dedicated to increasing the knowledge surrounding the microbiome by providing a novel perspective that has thus far been lacking in the research field. Our co-founders created Thaena because they had questions that needed to be answered. What if microbial therapies were more accessible? What if they were safer? What if we killed all of the microbes? What if we utilized the human body’s natural intelligence and focused on microbial behaviors in relation to their microscopic communities? Because we are at the forefront of this medicinal revolution, it is our responsibility to continue asking these questions. The research conducted by Thaena and our partners is turning out completely novel concepts and information. We are investigating how a healthy microbiome, a balanced and diverse microbiome, can impact the problems plaguing humanity.

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ThaenaBiotic® is only as diverse as the collective gut communities of our donors. We're looking for extraordinary embodiments of health. If you think you have what it takes, take our quiz to find out.

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