Microbiome Masterclass

Welcome to the Thaena® Microbiome Masterclass Series. This curated selection from our annual Microbiome Symposiums highlights innovative and insightful discussions from esteemed doctors and key thought leaders on — you guessed it — the microbiome. Prepare to be wowed by this heavy hitting series.

Featured Expert: Dr. Cory Szybala, NMD

Meet Dr. Cory Szybala, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor with specialized expertise in biochemistry and a champion of integrative health approaches. As part of the 2021 Thaena Microbiome Symposium, Dr. Szybala delivered this in-depth session titled Nutrition and the Microbiome: You Are Not What You Eat. He provides a unique perspective on the dynamic interplay between nutrition and the microbiome. We hope you enjoy our third segment of this Microbiome Masterclass series.

Nutrition and the Microbiome: You Are Not What You Eat

In this session, Dr. Cory Szybala challenges traditional views on diet and health, delving into the intricate relationship between our nutritional habits and the gut microbiome. Guiding us through the latest research (as of 2021), Dr. Szybala demonstrates that our health is not merely a reflection of what we eat, but also how our bodies interact with - and are influenced by - our microbial residents.

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Chapter 1: 
Hello, from Dr. Cory Szybala, NMD

Chapter 2: 
Eating for Two: Nourishing Your Microbiome

Chapter 3: 
Whole Foods vs. Processed: A Microbial Insights

Chapter 4:
Microbial Endocrinology: The Diet-Health Nexus

Chapter 5:
Precision Nutrition: Microbiome & Health

Learn More About Your Expert: Dr. Cory Szybala, NMD

Dr. Cory Szybala, originally trained as a biochemist and influenced by his research career, has a unique perspective and passion for integrative medicine. In his practice at Sun Valley Natural Medicine in Ketchum, Idaho, he focuses on offering an integrative approach to family medicine including men’s health, pediatrics, nutritional counseling, diabetes, sports medicine and rehabilitation, pain relief, hormonal dysregulation, and much more.

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