Our Process


Due to the many aspects of the microbiome that we do not understand, we feel it is important to have donors with an optimal microbiome history who are also happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

Donor screening is based on testing, health history, personality, temperament, and more.

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We sterilize (i.e. autoclave) the fecal slurry to eliminate infectious disease risk.

Sterilization using heat and high pressure for an extended period of time lyses the living components in the microbiome and leaves behind their metabolites. 


The fecal samples are then tested, diluted, and homogenized in a blender.

Our major interest is not in the live microbial components of feces but in their by-products and metabolites (aka the metabolome). 


After the stool has been sterilized we take the liquid and freeze-dry it to remove moisture and create shelf-stability.

This step allows us the opportunity to keep the powder on the shelf without worrying about outside organisms contaminating our powder. 


ThaenaBiotic® is a fecal-derived, sterilized, full-spectrum postbiotic containing metabolites from a unique, healthy ecosystem of microbes originating from the special donors we have hand-picked. 

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