Microbiome 101

At Thaena, we strive to provide accessible and understandable education on the microbiome and how it affects our entire body. We believe education can be empowering and with all the new discoveries being made and information flooding in, we took it upon ourselves as thought leaders in this field to keep our community up to date on the ever changing importance of microbial health.




Learn about the Microbiome and Metabolites 

The Microbiome of the Ocean & Beaches

Microbes are everywhere…including in the ocean and freshwater lakes. As summer heats up and we head to the beach, we enter these unique microbial ecosystems. What are these microbes doing, what are their environmental influencers, and how do they affect our own microbiome?

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How the Microbiome Affects Longevity

Every living thing ages, grows old, and dies. And yet, as humans, we resist aging. The anti-aging industry is growing at record rates, and some estimates suggest that the US anti-aging industry will be worth $88 billion by 2025. In other words, we spend a lot of money for the dream of being forever young.

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Ode to Furry Friends

Pet lovers unite! Do you have an extra lint-roller to get the animal hair off your black pants? Got a ball or two wedged under the couch? Is your cat perched atop your warm computer? Congratulations! You are on your way to a healthy microbiome.

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The Birds, The Bees… and The Microbes

Intimate partners share microbes. While it’s (hopefully) not at the front of our minds when we’re having sex, both the penis and the vagina have a microbiome of their own. Sex is an opportunity for us to swap microbes. And if both partners are healthy, sex could increase alpha diversity which is associated with better health.

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Diversity in nature allows ecosystems to thrive, the same is true for our own body and microbiome. We created this audio to help individuals understand the amazing role the microbiome has on the effects of health, prevention, and thriving. You are an ecosystem!