Heather Zwickey, PhD

Heather.png__PID:5836c99b-b1a1-4cb7-97e8-773a6ca4f6d4Heather Zwickey earned a Ph.D. in Immunology and Microbiology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center with a focus on infectious disease and vaccine development. Dr. Zwickey went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and teach at Yale University School of Medicine where she worked on immunotherapy for cancer. 

Dr. Zwickey was recruited to the National University of Natural Medicine where she launched the Helfgott Research Institute – a research institute devoted to advancing the science of natural medicine. She went on to establish the School of Graduate Studies and serve as the founding dean. She worked with faculty to develop Masters programs in Research, Nutrition, and Global Health. In addition to her leadership, Dr. Zwickey conducted clinical trials in nutrition, herbal medicine, and mind-body medicine. She also taught medical courses and has won many awards for teaching. She currently co-leads an NIH funded clinical research training program focused on training the next generation of integrative medicine researchers. 

With a background that bridges western science and integrative medicine, Dr. Zwickey brings clarity and insight to complex medical disciplines.  As a result, she’s a popular speaker and speaks worldwide on podcast and at conferences. She’s published more than 70 research studies and several book chapters.