Dr. Macson Lee OD, FCOVD

Dr. Macson Lee (Dr. Max) is the owner and functional holistic vision provider at Northwest Eye Care Professionals in the greater Portland area.  His journey started during his undergraduate studies at UCLA working with children with vision learning problems and mild stroke patients.  He then achieved his doctorate and residency at SUNY Optometry in Vision Rehabilitation and Vision therapy where his philosophy about functional vision blossomed into a multidisciplinary neural approach to how the body, brain and visual system are interlaced and interconnected.  Dr. Max’s patients range from individuals with special needs, brain injury, concussion, children with learning problems, neurodiversity, inflammatory diseases (long COVID, Lyme, etc.), vestibular variations (dizziness, vertigo, etc.), to patients with EDS, MS and variations in clinical findings.  His work typically institutes a multi-sensory and multidisciplinary holistic approach to treating the patient.  

Dr. Max was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised in Southern California.  He enjoys traveling as he has visited the beaches of Croatia, volunteered in the jungles of Guatemala, scuba-dived in Phuket, Thailand to even climbing the sacred temples of Angkor Wat.  His love of traveling introduced him to the diversity of foods and cultures that has now led him to experiment and cook new and exciting foods for his family.    Dr. Max and his family moved to the Portland area about 7 years ago from the SF Bay Area.  The Pacific Northwest has allowed them to do the things they love such as hiking, kayaking, gardening and all the great outdoor activities it has to offer.  They cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world.  Currently his life seems to be chauffeuring his 9-year-old daughter to soccer practice, music lessons and lots of play dates.  On his free time, you can probably find him in a coffee shop reading a good book from an Asian American author or building Legos with his family.