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Welcome to the Thaena® Client Portal Dashboard, a streamlined platform designed to make onboarding clients, managing ThaenaBiotic® orders, and tracking margins effortless.

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Key Features

Instant Access to ThaenaBiotic®

  • Seamless Onboarding: Easily onboard your clients by sending them a unique link giving them instant access to order ThaenaBiotic®.
  • Client Independence: Empower your clients to order directly from Thaena® at their convenience; you still get to earn your margin.

Track Orders and Margins

  • Real-Time Analytics: Monitor your client orders in real-time.
  • Margin Metrics: Keep track of your earnings with our easy-to-understand margin analytics.

Educational Materials

  • Resource Hub: Access educational materials to help your clients better understand ThaenaBiotic® and its potential benefits.
  • Provider Resources: Access tutorials to assist you in talking to your clients about ThaenaBiotic®.

Why Register for Thaena's Client Portal Dashboard?

  • Efficiency: Save time on administrative tasks and leave more room for your clients.
  • Transparency: Detailed analytics offer full visibility into client orders and your earnings.
  • Education: Access our high-quality marketing materials and educational resources to help you support your clients in making informed decisions about their health.

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