Microbiome 101

At Thaena, we strive to provide accessible and understandable education on the microbiome and how it affects our entire body. We believe education can be empowering and with all the new discoveries being made and information flooding in, we took it upon ourselves as thought leaders in this field to keep our community up to date on the ever changing importance of microbial health.




Learn about the Microbiome and Metabolites 

Chocolate + Probiotics

Probiotics have started showing up in chocolate. You may wonder whether probiotics in chocolate are a ploy designed to get us to eat more chocolate or more probiotics or both, but there may be more to this new trend.

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Therapeutic Microbes and Their Metabolites

The popularity of probiotics has led to a whole new class of microbiome-related supplements including therapeutic microbes, the nutrients that feed them, and the metabolites they produce.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Reflection

MLK day gives us time to reflect on how racial disparity and inequity continue to show up in our world. MLK remarked, “Of all forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhumane.” (MLK 1965)

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A Whole New "Whole 30" Recommendation

The importance of including plant-based fiber and carbohydrates in a healthy diet for vitamins and minerals is not a new concept. However, new studies suggest that dietary intake of plant foods can have significant benefits to your gut microbiome.

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Diversity in nature allows ecosystems to thrive, the same is true for our own body and microbiome. We created this audio to help individuals understand the amazing role the microbiome has on the effects of health, prevention, and thriving. You are an ecosystem!