Join Our Research Team

We are asking a subset of providers to join our IRB-approved registry and help us better understand how ThaenaBiotic® is supporting those who are taking it.


Lead by Science

We were advised early on to lead by science. It’s part of clinical practice we value and know you value too. So we put our heads together with our science advisors Patrick Hanaway and Heather Zwickey to submit for an IRB approval to begin tracking patient data to inform future research and clinical trials.

What is an IRB? Under FDA regulations, an IRB is an appropriately constituted group that has been formally designated to review and monitor biomedical research involving human subjects. In accordance with FDA regulations, an IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or disapprove research.


ThaenaBiotic® is a sterilized stool-derived supplement that uses healthy human donors as the ultimate fermenters. ThaenaBiotic® contains prebiotics, heat-killed probiotics, and postbiotics (bacterial metabolites) from a diverse, healthy microbiome - and we want to understand its impacts!


Am I Eligible to Participate?

You (and your clinic) are eligible to participate in the registry if:

  • You are using ThaenaBiotic® with your clients
  • You agree to tag relevant clients and share de-identified data with Thaena
  • You agree to consent your clients using the pre-loaded template and fax a pdf copy of the completed informed consent to the registry’s principal investigator.