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Piper Dobner ND MS - Microbiome Restoration and the Mind (1 General CE Credit)

2021 Thaena Microbiome Symposium - Microbial Ecosystems, Metabolites, and Their Impact on Human Health (December 4-5, 2021)


Mental health disparity in the United States has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. The microbiome can play a significant role in balancing mood. How? Why? In this talk we explore those questions together and discuss cases of patients working on their mental health and some of their feedback regarding a microbiome restoration approach to the mind and mental health. Through that same ecological lens, we will discuss additional factors to consider when addressing these patients. Namely, is the drug they are on (or the one you’re considering prescribing) impacting the microbiome? What about the larger climate? We discuss these concepts together and the microbiome lens is suggested as a first line consideration when addressing mental health. 



  1. Define the microbiome

  2. Describe what is known regarding diversity of the microbiome and its relationship to mental health

  3. The importance of nature for mental health, but also the microbiome

  4. Broader implications of pharmacologic effects on microbiome diversity (microscopically and macroscopically)

  5. Summarize and suggest a new lens to consider when addressing mental health.



Piper Dobner, ND, MS is Co-Founder of Thaena. She received a BS in Chemistry and Health Sciences from Southern Oregon University, a MS from NUNM in Integrative Medicine Research, and a Doctorate from NUNM in Naturopathic Medicine.

She has extensive experience in chemical analysis and brings a strong foundation in clinical research and operations. Dr. Dobner is currently a practicing physician and co-founder of Flora Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about microbiome therapeutics and their application in the treatment of mental health.

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